Deepak Gautam, PhD student UTAS

Hello! I am a PhD candidate at University of Tasmania, Terraluma research group. I completed B.Eng degree with a project on design, fabrication and flight test of a fixed wing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in 2009. In 2013, I graduated with a MS degree focusing on control and path planning of a UAS. After working for over a year on wing parts manufacturing of Boeing 787 Dreamliner,I joined Terraluma research group in 2014 to work on airLIFT project whose goal is remote sensing of active chlorophyll fluorescence in plant canopy using a UAS-borne spectrometer. Working on geometry aspect of the project, my current research focus is on precise geolocation determination of the point measuring spectrometer’s ground footprint. This includes identification of suitable GNSS/IMU, machine vision and data fusion technique for robust position and orientation estimation of the spectrometer’s reference point, multi-sensor (GNSS, IMU, Machine vision camera, Spectrometer) integration, synchronisation, and processing algorithm to georeference the spectral data.